(TruthSeekerDaily) Keyring ornaments are perhaps the most useless item you%u2019ll ever carry in your pocket or stuff in your purse %u2014 but now, thanks to an increasingly popular item being sold in China, it can easily be the cruelest, too. For the price you might expect to pay for some kitschy trinket, Chinese street vendors are selling live animals, permanently sealed in a small plastic pouch where they can survive for a short while as someone%u2019s conversation piece. Apparently, these unimaginably inhumane keyrings are actually quite popular %u2014 and worst of all, it%u2019s totally legal.

According to The Global Times, these keyring accessories containing live animals are widely available and sold publicly in subway stations and on sidewalks. Potential buyers (read as animal-abusers) have the choice between a living Brazil turtle or two small kingfish, sealed in an airtight package along with some colored water. One vendor claimed that the trapped creatures %u201Ccan live for months inside there%u201D because the water contains %u201Cnutrients,%u201D though veterinarians have already disputed this claim.

%u201CI%u2019ll hang it in my office, it looks nice and brings good luck, %u201D said one customer who purchased the turtle.

As the cruel trinkets continue to gain in popularity, thankfully so to have the voices of animal rights supporters in opposition to the inhumane treatment of the animals they contain. %u201CTo put a living thing inside a sealed and confined space for profit is immoral and pure animal abuse,%u201D Qin Xiaona, director of the NGO Capital Animal Welfare Association, told the Global Times.

Even some right-thinking passersby are trying to do their part in saving the animals%u2019 lives where they can. %u201CI bought one to free it. It looks so miserable,%u201D said one woman, unnamed by the Times.

Despite the fact that the selling of animals as keyring ornaments is a clear-cut case of animal cruelty, it is actually entirely within the law. Chinese law prohibits the sale of wild animals %u2014 a designation which evidently does notapply to the Brazil turtles and kingfish being sold.

For the time being, in lieu of legislation which may or may not come to pass outlawing the sale of living creatures as objects of amusement, Xiaona suggests people use their better sense to squelch the trade. %u201CIf nobody buys it, the market will die,%u201D she says.

Sadly, it is likely that so too will the animals which have already been sealed in their colorful, transparent tombs %u2014 gasping for the final breath of air they%u2019ve been packaged with, as they peer out to a world in which their lives are considered essentially worthless. And in such a dark hour, it%u2019s hard not to believe our very humanity awaits a similar fate.

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